SAVAGE: The Eco-Friendly Hollywood-Quality Video & Photography NFT Marketplace

Being in the crypto space means a lot of dynamism. Changing trends and innovations at the speed of light. 2021 was the year of Non- Fungible Tokens (NFTs). I don’t think anyone can contest that.

Although the hype around DEFI has been loud, NFTs gave the crypto space something new and exciting to play with. Until I started exploring, I was confused about what this space held in stock. I can confidently say we are yet to scratch the face of its capabilities.

Imagine for a moment that you are an artist with great products. The internet was one of the first places you were able to show your work to a global audience. However, the how and where your work is used is out of your control…. pretty perplexing you’ll agree.

You don’t even want to think about the amount you could have made selling that viral painting or high-definition video you produced.


For the general public, investments in great paintings and videography were the exclusive preserve of a few collectors and the richest.

As the video creativity space evolved, creators joined big platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc., to share their work. With it comes the need to also surrender the rights to their work without even the opportunity to claim royalties…. That’s such a huge shame!

Now to give you the death blow, you had over 1 million views on these platforms but hardly earn any meaningful income from it. Someone else went smiling to the bank on your work while you remain unhappily poor for all your efforts.

Enters NFTs, finally a sigh of relief. You could mint your work as an NFT with the ability to earn royalties and price your work appropriately. You decided to explore this new terrain, but before you could rest and shout hurray, you quickly realized the platforms have massive limitations.

First, current NFT marketplaces have technical challenges that make it impossible for you to upload your work with its full resolution. Hmm… the resolution of your photos, paintings, and videos has to be reduced before you can upload them on their platforms. This automatically limits the appreciation the customer has for your artwork.

Second, there is a restriction on the file type you can upload. File conversion means tampering with the quality of your work…

As if the first two issues aren’t enough, you have to pay through your nose to get your work on these platforms. This comes without any guarantee of making any sales.

I think the odds stacked against creators are just too much.

You can smile now… Savage is here for your salvation.


Savage is an NFT marketplace that is here to fix all the problems above and even much more. Trust me when I say so.

I take my time to evaluate projects and their value propositions. Although there are a lot of copycat projects out there, Savage has brought in unique selling points that you’ll be careful to consider.

For a starter, Savage is being developed by real artists who care about their works and the way they can be accessed by art-loving individuals. The team is one of the best A-rated I have seen in the crypto space.

Whenever a project is created by individuals within an industry where they’ve observed several pain points, you should pay attention to that project.

Luke Neumann the CEO of Savage is a top-rated, high-quality video producer. You should check his works out on YouTube. High-quality 8K video…. Yea you read that right, 8k video resolutions with breathtaking sceneries around the world.

He has partnered on the team with other A-list photographers and video producers. This includes; Chad Copeland, the popular Adventure photographer for National Geographic, Tesla, and Microsoft.

Add, Nathan Garofalos, the guy with the fastest car camera and 2 times Emmy Award Nominee and you are just starting.

Other team members bring unique capabilities and skills to the Savage team. They definitely know what they’re gunning for.

I once came across one of Neumann’s works, and it generated over 1.8 million views in less than 24 hours. The video “the Ghost Town” is an 8k quality video.

Savage is not entirely new; it is only bringing the audience in its stock photo and video space on-chain. This is promising because most projects in crypto struggle to connect to mainstream audiences.

The team currently has over 12 million followers on all platforms. They already have plans for these guys to integrate easily into the Savage platform through fiat and crypto purchases of artworks.

Sorry for taking you off track on the uniqueness of Savage for a moment. It was important to drive home the point on the quality the team brings to their project from the start. I’d rather join a flight with an accredited pilot.

The Hero Creators!

This is actually worth a special section here. Several NFT marketplaces are out there without real content creators.

Savage has this team of world-class eco-friendly, professional creators who are have dedicated their lives to capturing our planet’s beauty especially in areas hardly accessible to most.

The caliber of creators in this group would wow any art-loving individual and you’re about to be able to lay hold of their works on Savage’s platform.

Already introduced to the community are Jody Macdonald, a wildlife photographer with National Geographic, and Chad Copeland also a National Geographic photographer and filmmaker.

What does Savage have to offer?

Savage prides itself as a carbon-neutral platform. This is important for most creators and those who patronize their works because of their philosophical leanings towards a sustainable future for our planet.

To achieve carbon neutrality, Savage is launching on the Polygon network. This is a layer 2 Proof of stake (PoS) platform rather than the high energy-consuming Proof of Work (PoW) platforms that current marketplaces are hosted on.

The energy consumption of their platform is about 0.002% of their competitors. In its plan to even go completely carbon-neutral, it will be purchasing carbon offsets while partnering with environmental groups to protect mother earth! This is laudable.

Another unique solution brought on stream by this project is the ability to upload high-quality 4k/8k videos and photographs.

Savage is the first video and photography-focused NFT marketplace. If you can imagine the number of people in the world today with high-quality smartphones generating unimaginable video shots and pictures. Then you can imagine the scale of potential creators Savage is about to attract.

NFTs, come across sometimes as just buying a piece of gifs and jpegs without much quality. This is about to change.

Savage presents you with the opportunity to upload up to 2 GB… yes, I meant 2 gigabytes of data as NFT. This is completely unprecedented.

You never have to reduce the quality of your works again!

Their platform is designed to ensure the best of stock videos and photos can be obtained on-chain as NFTs. Imagine the breath-taking works of Chad Copeland right in its full glory and splendor before your very eyes…. Wow!

High Resolution, Close-up shot of Hotspot Eruption. Source Hero Creator & National Geographic contributor Chad Copeland

Savage has a creator-centric approach to its design. I am not surprised about this unique feature considering the team and their partners are largely creators, they know where the shoe pinches the most.

To achieve a platform where creators thrive, they have done something completely alien to this domain. Creators would be able to mint their works as NFTs at a flat rate of just $10. I hope you’re still breathing?

Most marketplaces have crazy gas fees that increase with file sizes for you to produce your work as NFTs on their platforms. Savage’s technological innovation has finally opened the space up for all types of creators. This is regardless of how much money they’ve got to publish their works on the chain.

I can’t just stop writing now, because this project has got much more to offer. From a user/investor perspective, the value propositions show a clear departure and a land-shaking shift from the norm.

While current marketplaces hold back a good chunk of the creator’s income, Savage is offering a whopping 98% payout. The remaining 2% left is for the platform’s maintenance. Finally, the creator wins.


The ease of interaction and payment on the platform has been well-thought-out.

Users would be able to use both cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies provided by Stripe to pay on the platform. This is a good step towards mass adoption by users who are not very familiar with the crypto space.

I have interacted with some art creators and a common concern are issues around the licensing of their work.

Savage has worked out a unique solution that embeds rights management licensing in the metadata of the NFTs. Your work would be protected going forward within the ecosystem.

Looking at the roadmap, the platform is planned as a user-centric project. A complete DAO by 2024 is in the pipeline. Over-centralization that kills innovation with a capitalist mindset is not going to be a barrier here. Users and creators determine the future of the project. That is a relief from current realities.

Savage Road Map Source Savage Litepaper |

I am even much more excited about the possibilities of the integration of the marketplace with YouTube and Instagram. These are two of the largest video content platforms in the world today.

This means you can mint your works on these platforms as NFTs so that you can make much more from your viewership. This is an amazing opportunity for monetization of your creativity.

The creators already enlisted currently are working for top-rated brands like National Geographic, BBC, Tesla, Amazon, Microsoft, Samsung, Adobe & many more. You can only expect the best quality artworks on sales. They have over 25,000 creators ready to be onboarded. This makes them the preferred platform for creators in this new space.

I cannot afford to end this story without a look at what this project has for investors one of which I am.

Rarely do you see innovative projects with potential for immediate take-off and mass adoption like Savage. Although this is no financial advice, you should be able to identify a gem even when it’s still in the mud.

Tokens on Savage have real utilities. Investors stand to benefit from the growth of the marketplace and the ability to buy high-quality art photographs and videos for your projects and companies.

Already invested in this project are strategic investment groups and partners like Box Mining, Fantom starter, Ventures, and moon boots to mention a few.

Watch out for where strategic investment companies put their money.

The token gives you the right to be part of the DAO community that can shape the future of this project.

Without any doubt in my mind, this is worth my consideration and anybody who is on the lookout for a GEM. I will advise you do your due diligence though as I am not qualified to provide you with financial advice.




Avid reader, polymath, serial entrepreneur and lover of God.

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Hertz Sam

Hertz Sam

Avid reader, polymath, serial entrepreneur and lover of God.

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